20 Mar

     The Time has ended for Tim Tebow and now only teams want him for is to sell tickets, the Broncos won inspite of him,  and his 46% completion %.  Was worse in the league,  vs KC I emember watching that game and literally my dad says I think we just watched an hr and half of this game and have yet to see a completed pass… He is an Hback/tightend at best, option football is for college not the pros,  ie miami dolphins 3 years ago that was a flash in the pan, as a man Tewbo  is a great role model, but as a football player when your peers say  he is not a nfl ready QB after three years its time to end the expierment. they can say it because he hasnt played enough bc aaron rodgers sat for 4 years came in and put up huge numbers as did big ben, matt ryan, cam, and daulton this year.

    The Tewbo lovers need to stop making excuse after excuse for why he needs more time to develope, a source told collin cowheard that an nfc east head coach said it was laughable how far his mechanics and football IQ had to go.  Look at his stats you cant keep winning games the way the broncos were doing it.  Defense have a book on him and look what happend vs the Pats, he looked lost and looked in shock in the pocket. the playoff game vs the steelers there CB decided to play the worse game of his career. Just look at the raw stats completion percentage, avg yards per pass, let alone the field goal  won you a game that marion barber gave you the game.  R.I.P Tebow Mania the Ride has come to an end.


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